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Stephen Slater

Phone 01252 678392
Mobile Number 07764 181489

Mr. Stephen Slater
Heading for Health
By Appointment.

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Stephen Slater

Heading for Health

Director Consultant

My BusinessPromoting A Healthy Active Lifestyle. In 2002 I learned for the first time that the secret to good Health and Wellness was 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. I had got those facts the wrong way around previously which had resulted in my becoming out of shape and struggling to get through my day due to excessive tiredness. I was simply doing my best like many people I knew. After learning about the effect my diet and lifestyle was having on my Health and Wellbeing I was encouraged by a friend to make some simple changes which led to me losing 10cms from my waist and my energy going through the roof. Most importantly 15 years later I have maintained my result and have helped many others achieve equally life changing results!