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  • “I’ve done £25,000 in the first year and £69,000 within the first 2 years. Better than that we couldn’t run our business without half the people in the room.” Plumber Southampton
  • “I was amazed to make my annual membership fee back within a month of joining BNI” HR, Southampton
  • “17 years of BNI membership and I am still getting 55% of my business from it” Accountant, Fleet
  • “A member from BNI in New Zealand contacted me to do some work for them on a house in Havant they had been left and wanted to sell. It turned in to 10 more referrals for my fellow members” Gardening Company, Romsey
  • “Our printing business gets over £100,000 business a year from being a member of BNI, not just current members but ex members too” Printer, Basingstoke
  • "When starting my own business, I missed the support I used to get from my employer and colleagues. My BNI Chapter are now like my family -  they motivate, inspire, encourage and challenge me." Therapist, Fareham
  •  “Since I have joined BNI fleet in July 2106 Business supporting the Knights foundation from BNI members is well over £21,000” Charity, Fleet
  • “My Loyalty & Promotional APP is about to launch, and I have received an enquiry from a BNI member from India who are interested in becoming a reseller “ Loyalty and Promotional App, Fareham
  • “I joined four months ago with a micro-business and have received support and confidence from everyone which has enabled me to grow from just two regular clients to six already!” Virtual PA, Southampton
  • “6 years now in BNI
    BNI has formed 80% of my business and was the first networking group I joined when starting with WPA. I have recommended all my WPA Healthcare Partners to join BNI as a priority as a great way to grow their business.” Private Healthcare, Farnborough
  • “11 years in BNI and fast approaching £2M of invoiced business – it will never work!” Insurance Broker, Fareham
  • “Nine years on most of my income can be credited to new and repeat business due to BNI.” Electrician Basingstoke.
  • “ROI always achieved, plus new business year on year, it would be crazy to leave.” Electrician Basingstoke.
  • “It is not just about the amount of business I get from BNI, the support and advice from fellow members is invaluable too.” Electrician Basingstoke
  • “I’m in my 2nd year of BNI. Not only am I getting a consistent flow of new referrals but I’m experiencing a ripple effect from the referrals I received last year with them recommending me to their network. BNI has been a major factor in the growth of my business” Web Designer, Aldershot
  • “I joined BNI 14 years ago and got £25k invoiced in my 1st year and the following year £35K On average over 14 years I have invoiced just over £28.5k each year totalling over £400k Electrician Home counties. I renew for 2 years to secure my seat” Commercial Electrician, Basingstoke
  • “I simply couldn’t have grown my business as quickly without my BNI colleagues acting as my ambassadors” Media Winchester
  • “We have been a member of BNI Fortress Fareham for two years and in that time, we’ve billed over fifteen times the amount we’ve paid to be members of the group. It’s our main form of marketing as we’ve found it to be so effective.” Solicitor, Portsmouth
  • “Having joined BNI a little over 2 years ago we have generated in excess of £40k of business ranging from MOT, Servicing, ECU Remaps along with a couple of Vehicle Sales. Having come from a blue chip background, one of the big benefits is having access to all the specialists you take for granted in a large corporate, i.e. HR, Tax Specialist, H&S etc. For a small business looking for more business, BNI is a no brainer...” Garage, Southampton
  • “Being a member of BNI is not just about referrals.  I am lucky to have been in a very friendly chapter with a lot of expertise.  We learn a lot by listening to others, which enhances the quality of life” Insurance Broker , Southampton
  • “There is a long tail benefit of BNI.  Ex members who moved on  several years ago still refer business to me and some one time visitors.

(It must be because I am so nice – and modest)” Insurance Broker, Southampton

  • "We get about 40% of our turnover through BNI", present and past members, and referrals from referrals. IT Company, Winchester
  • “In 10 years of being a BNI member I have received over £250,000 in sales, not bad for 4 hours per week” Business Coach, Southampton
  • “In 10 years I have given over £1.5m of business to the members of the chapter, if you want to have some of the next 10 years then get up early and come and join us.” Business Coach, Southampton
  • “BNI is a great way for me to ensure that I can help all of my clients, even when what they need is beyond what I do.  It is the Critical Non Essential in business that set the top performers apart” Business Coach, Southampton
  • “It can be lonely running your own businesses.  Surrounding yourself with positive like-minded people once a week keeps me motivated and helps through the rollercoaster ride that is business ownership.” Business Coach, Southampton
  • “A visit to my chapter by an ex member resulted in contract business of £20k.” Garden Company, Southampton
  • “The whole BNI has been truly Life Changing, there are no other Networking Organisations that support you like BNI.” Garden Company, Southampton
  • “The weekly meeting is always motivational and gets me back on track.” Garden Company, Southampton
  • “BNI gives you access to a whole world of support network.” Garden Company, Southampton
  • “The total membership fee is completely insignificant when you realise BNI`s true potential.” Garden Company, Southampton


  • “The confidence I have gained as member has truly turned my business around.” Garden Company, Southampton
  • “In the last month I have not only had referrals for 6 residential house transactions, 2 wills and a possible business sale but also great reliable service from my fellow members – after 18 years as a member it only gets better!” Solicitor, Fleet
  • “Being a BNI member has enabled me to speak directly to the decision makers within companies and has resulted in being invited to tender for work that would not have been readily available.

Because of this I have received over £150,000 of business that is on going, and hardly a meeting goes by when I do not receive a referral.  Brilliant ! BNI opens doors !” Large Format Printer, Basingstoke

  • “I joined BNI Wellington 3 years ago when my gardening business was just starting and now I get most of my business through BNI. Simply put,  without BNI there would be no MRM Garden Services” Garden Services, Aldershot
  • “After 4 months as a member, BNI referrals are now my biggest source of income!” Garden Services, Farnborough
  • “BNI accounts for over 50% of my business. It’s an amazing way to grow your business. It’s like having 25+ sales reps working for you but without the cost of employing them.” Printer, Winchester and Fareham