Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions from Members and Visitors about BNI Networking Groups in Hampshire

  1. Where are your meetings located?

BNI Hampshire Networking meetings are located in key towns and cities across Hampshire including Basingstoke, Portsmouth, SouthamptonBordon, Petersfield, Andover, Winchester. The meetings are typically held in conference venues including hotels and business centres with ample parking and meeting facilities. 

  1. How Long are the BNI Meetings?

BNI meetings last for approx 90 minutes starting with an informal 15 networking session. 

  1. What is the format of the BNI Networking Meetings?

BNI meetings are weekly meetings where every member and visitor gets to talk about their business. The meetings are chaired by a leadership team who are responsible for the agenda of the meeting and making sure the meeting runs to time. 

  1. How long will I get to talk about my business?

As a member of BNI you will get 60 seconds every week to talk about your business as well as a 10 minute slot on a 10 minute speaker rotation to educate other members about your business and who you are looking for in terms of referrals.

  1. Do I have to attend every week?

Yes, although we understand as a business owner it may be difficult to represent yourself every week if you have a small business. If you can’t turn up every week, not only are you missing out on potential business through referrals, but you may miss out on potential BNI opportunities your current members are looking for by not being there. 

  1. What is a Substitute within BNI?

A substitute within BNI is a person who can represent you at meetings, and a great way to make sure you don’t miss out on the meeting. An ideal sub for a BNI meeting could be a member of your team, a client or a potential visitor who maybe looking to join BNI now or in the future.

  1. What makes BNI Hampshire different from other networking groups in Hampshire?

BNI Hampshire Business Networking Groups are structured, supportive groups that pass qualified business referrals which are quality checked and tracked. No other networking groups come close in terms of the support that is offered.

  1. How much does it cost to attend a BNI Meeting?

Face to face meetings cost on average £15 per meeting. Many of our meeting fees cover the cost of a breakfast or at a minimum coffee and tea facilities.

  1. What does it cost to Join BNI Hampshire as a member?

If you decide that BNI is a good fit for your business and choose to apply then there are additional fees. Membership to BNI works on an annual basis. In addition to the monthly membership fees to cover the meeting and venue hire costs there is an annual BNI Membership which is paid to BNI. This is set by the BNI Director of your area. For more information about fees and prices either visit or contact Alyson Roach, BNI Director, Hampshire. 

  1. Can I take out a membership for more than one year?

Yes this is often considered a good idea, as it helps to take out your competition, by preventing other people from joining. BNI Hampshire also offers a slight discount for multiple years. For more information about BNI Fees please contact Alyson Roach, BNI Director Hampshire.

  1. What is the BNI Application Process?

It’s great that you are looking to join a local chapter meeting. Once you have requested your application form from your leadership team along with the two referees the membership team will then review it. Subject to your membership being approved you will be asked to attend a New Member Training Success Programme where you will learn more about BNI, its ethos and how you can make the most from your membership. Once complete you will then become a registered member of BNI. 

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